Heavy Duty Factory Equipment Wiring

New Building electrical construction

Store & Office lighting Installation

Property Electrical Maintenance

warehouse conduit installation

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Bucket truck electrician in Toronto. Light pole contractor

Pole and outdoor lighting electrical contractor

LED Retrofit in Toronto

Installation of building, street & outdoor LED

Bucket truck service for parking lot light poles in Etobicoke

New construction conduit, pole, panel, meter, power drop
Building system installation and outdoor decorative lights
decorative outdoor temporary street even illumination

Change high overhead bulbs or replace pole lumps
Low-bay and high-bay indoor efficient systems
High tall building, overhead tree illumination

Interior and exterior LED for warehouse
Outdoor commercial building fixtures
Install temporary power utility pole

Bucket truck electrician in Toronto for pole bulb & ballast change

Exterior temporary street lights
Concert & event illumination
High bay efficient systems

Landscape luminaires
Standby generator
LED wall packs

Metal Halide


Bucket truck electrician in Thornhill